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September 2023 Note : A few months back I discovered that the site had been 'moved' and something to do with domain hosts and DNS etc - things I once sort of understood, but 25 years later much less so. And as I'd not updated anything here in the previous several years I was slow to figure this out. Having had some time the last few days, I'm a bit more up to speed with the changes. However, these included me no longer having access to the site as it was previously uploaded and I've had to start again, going back to my archives and trying to piece things together again. So while the this main page is mostly up to date, there will be some broken links as I delve a bit further. And while I know the current and future audience for the site is minimal, there are fond memories of the years in the early 2000's when a little community thrived. And so maintaining things here as best I can is in honour of that, and for any new fans that may stumble across the show on YouTube, or through delving into the early careers of actors like Ryan Gosling (excellent in 'Barbie' btw)

And while I will upload some of the fan fiction in the next few days, focusing on some stories and authors I think have stood the test of time, I also respect that perhaps not everyone wants to revisit writing they may have done a few decades back, nor have them still available for others to find. And if that is the case, please reach out and I will remove your contributions - they were, and always are, yours. None of us perhaps appreciated back then the shelf life that our work might have. And of course, if you're ok with things staying up, I'd be more than happy to hear from you. This site still means a lot to me, and I'd welcome reconnecting.

And despite the passage of time, there are still a few nuggets I have left to add here. I'm hoping to have them up in the next few months as we approach the 25th anniversary of the site on December 1st.

September 7

The Case of the Fallen Star
Season 4, Episode 8 :
Priscilla Pop Poster and Scene Screencaps
In this fourth season episode, a poster for "Priscilla Pop" was featured.

(Click on the poster for the 4.2mb full size, and scene screencaps)

Shirley Holmes Listed in
The Original Baker Street Babes

Howard Ostrom has compiled a fascinating series examining actresses throughout history that have played the role of Holmes or Watson. Shirley is included in The Original Baker Street Babes : Part 4 - 1980-2012.

You can also read the complete series of The Original Baker Street Babes, and much more at the comprehensive site No Place Like Holmes.

A decade (and more) on from the show's first run conclusion, it's been exciting to see the BBC Sherlock series, and CBS' Elementary, both sure to keep fans of the Holmes' canon entertained for years to come. It's been especially interesting to see Elementary, and their imagining of Moriarty as a woman. As Shirley fans well know, we've been there, and I will always maintain that the Shirley / Molly dynamic is one of the most rewarding I've seen.

Shirley Holmes : Opening Credits

74 stories    |    94 artworks

     the story archive of a talented authorship from around the world covered the gamut from crossover (including Buffy, Alex Mack, X-Files, Farscape) to alternate realities, masked villains, anime references, historical drama and so much more. I've curated this archive to include our most popular authors from back in the day, and some of their stories. At it's peak, we hosted 74 stories, and over 90 artworks.

FanFiction Archive

Where Shirley Fits
in the Holmes Canon

"The third son Sebastion married a woman named Peggy. They had one son Robert who married Joanna. Robert works as a diplomat for Great Britain in Canada. His daughter Shirley (3) has shown the family flair for mystery work solving 39 cases as well as for acting and disguise. (It should be noted here that Sebastion inheirited a puzzle chest from his Uncle Sherlock. Inside the Chest is a note to the solver of the puzzle Sherlock states that he has left no heir. Sherlock left the chest with Sherrinford before he left for the events of THE FINAL PROBLEM. At that time Sherlock had only Raffles Holmes as a son and he did not hold great hope for the boy) (SHIRLEY HOLMES Television program)"

from Holmes Family Tree
by Brad Mengel.
Episode Chronology
by R.W. Watkins

Shirley Holmes Chronology (PDF)

A long time supporter of the site, R.W has compiled a comprehensive timeline of the four seasons, independent of the official air date. In depth, and fascinating, it is a must read.

R W Watkins is a Canadian writer. Read more, and purchase books, from his Amazon Author Page

Where Can I See Shirley ?

With the show completing it's first-run episodes in 2000, and without an official release, the best place to see the show presently is on YouTube. All 52 episodes across 4 seasons are currently available.

The Adventures of Shirley Holmes

         Unsure what all the fuss on the site is about - here's a quick introduction to the show ......

"The Adventures of Shirley Holmes" focusses on young Shirley, the great-grand-niece of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous Sherlock Holmes. Meredith Henderson, who started in the role at age 12, is the recipient of two Gemini nominations for her portrayal of Shirley.

Bright, kooky, and prepared for everything -- Shirley's sleuthing kit contains everything from a magnifying glass to state-of-the-art cell phones and laptops.

Shirley is aided in her sleuthing by Bo Sawchuk (Sherlock's Dr. Watson), and wins despite the efforts of her nemesis, Molly Hardy (Sherlock's Moriarty). For many years, there was one mystery that plagued her more than any other -- the mystery of her mother's disappearance -- but that question was finally answered for fans in the third season.

With viewership in over 80 countries (including Australia, the US, and Great Britain), the show has been dubbed into French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Norweigian, Polish and Turkish.

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